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General Information

In the recent years, we have been asked multiple times for help in relationship matters. We are, in most cases, willing and able to help and would like to present below some examples for services/tasks that we can offer:

Simple Research

Simple research on the target person by checking sources in the internet and on location in Tunisia. We will especially check all relevant internet sources in most european languages and try actively to gather further information about the person.

Deep Investigation

Investigation into backgrounds like law and land registers, etc. This investigation is conducted by an experienced, reliable lawyer in Tunisia and we will only broker the contact between you and him. If you like, we can assist in the communication as well, though.

Personal escorting,
eg. on visits to the tunisian family

A male European person will, alone or with a "wife", escort you to a tunisian family and pose there as your father, brother, uncle or friend.

Our detailled knowledge of traditions, language and habits will allow us to unsuspiciously collect information or to set up a certain scenario (marriage negotiations, family background, etc.)
Help, not cheating

We would like to stress that our services are foremost help services and only to a lesser degree profit oriented services. This is not what we do for living, but an offer for provide equal arms between the western and tunisian partner.

Therefore, we will suggest certain services to you - or not suggest them, just depending on how we judge the situation.
We reserve the right to not accept a task or to withdraw or terminate a task for good reasons  - in this case, you will receive a full refund of payments that you might have already made.


The costs for all services depend on the time and expenses we have to invest and whether or not we have to follow certain procedures that you will impose.

Basically, we will ask for a fixed socket fee plus costs for transport, accomodation and special expenses). A third of the fee has to be paid in advance when we accept the task. We will, of course, tell you exactly about all costs and modalities of payment in advance.
All payments must be made by bank transfer to a US or European bank account, for smaller amounts, Paypal will be accepted as well.


We will protect your anonymity. Your personal data and identity will not be forwarded to our testers, unless it is needed and you have agreed in that. Your data will not be stored in databases and everything we might know will be reliably "forgotten" when the case has ended.

We are offering these services only to citizens of the US, Canada and the European Union.
The Task

Since each relation, each "case" is different, we do not offer here one-fits-all solutions. We will rather discuss with you how we can proceed with the best results in this specific matter.
Please contact us by email and write your fixed line telephone number (Skype also possible), we will call you back as soon as possible.

Please write to:
contact2017 <at> tunisia-love.com

We will then discuss the situation with you and suggest (or not) possible services. It is entirely up to you whether or not you will accept the offer.

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