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Millions of tourists from western countries are visiting Tunisia each year - and about half of them are women, because Tunisia is not exactly a typical holiday destination for men only, such as eg. Thailand. Tunisia is rather a country where mostly European families can spend an inexpensive vacation just 2-3 hours away from Europe.

However, if you walk through the tourists zones of Tunisia, you will observe not only european couples, but also many binational ones, usually tunisian men with western women who enjoy their summerlove sensation.

According to estimations, there are, each year, tens of thousands of such partnerships starting - but only in a very few exceptional cases they are made for life, only a few will last for more than than a handful of years, and the vast majority of them will end within a much shorter time period.

The reasons for that is, apart from criminal and unethical motives of some tunisian men (namely marriage and immigration fraud, also known as "bezness") and short term love business ("sex tourism", namely of western women and homosexual men), the huge, almost incrosseable gap between the cultures. And this gap is for most of the couples further widened by the different religions and languages.

On this website, we want to discuss all these topics and give you information, explanations and helpful hints.

Even though there are partnership relations between tunisian women and western men (very rare) and there are also relations between western and tunisian homosexual men (rare), the relations between western women and tunisian men are the vast majority of all binational relationsships with tunisians.

On this website, we will, therefore,  discuss mainly this type of relations, however, even western men will find some helpful information on our pages.

We are using on this website the term "western" or "european" generally for people from western, non arabic, african or asian countries, eg. Europe, Australia or North America.

We are, of course, well aware that the culture and laws are not the same in all of these countries, but for the sake of the discussion on this website, we intentionally generalize some things into being typical "western" in opposite to "arabic" or "tunisian".

Sex tourism in Tunisia

"Sex tourism" is not a topic of this website and will only be mentioned in the context of the discussion.

It is a business agreement between consenting adults - there is neither love involved, nor is one of the participiants unaware of the strictly business character of it.

Sex tourism of women has, despite all claims, a certain, but no significant occurence in Tunisia. It certainly is happening - in certain spots and at certain times more than in others, but the numbers are, over all, fairly small .

Sex tourism of men is in Tunisia almost absent. There are very few hot spots for male homosexual tourism, though, although homosexuality is a public offense in Tunisia.

However, some information on this website will be definitely interesting as well for readers who are looking for these types of relations.

Bezness in Tunisia

It is, unfortunately, an undeniable fact that the vast majority of all relations between tunisian men and western women is some form of "Bezness". The tunisian partner is mainly or only involved in the relation, because he is looking for some sort of profit for himself, be it money, gifts, or a visa.
As a result, the western partner will, in almost all cases, suffer financial and especially emotional losses.

Therefore, we will discuss on this website the topic "Bezness" in detail and refer to it on many occasions.

Unfortunately, as history and experience shows, most western women close their eyes when it comes to "Bezness" in Tunisia and are convinced that Bezness is something that only happens to thousands of other women, but, of course, never to themselves. But this is a quite dangerous error, because the chance to be involved into a bezness relation is definitely bigger than 90%!


In the recent years, so-called "Online-Bezness" is growing rapidly. This pertains also to men who live in Tunisia.
Bezness-man and victim "meet" each other for the first time not personally, but the contact happens in Web Forums, Dating communities and "Social Networks".

Sooner or later, the woman will then fly and visit the man in his home country.

"Online-Bezness" is different from "traditional" Bezness in holiday countries only in how the first contact happens, the further progress of the relation will, however, follow very much the patterns that are described on this website.

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