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Contacts to western women - Two worlds

Contacts to Western tourists

To come into contact with a female western tourist is not difficult, it is sufficient just to talk to her.

The easiest way for that is, of course, a job in the tourism industry, especially in the animation field in the restaurants or hotels in Tunisia.
But even if such a position can not be obtained, the odds are good to attract the attention on the street, in a shop, taxi or nightclub (or Online..).

In general, men target 3 groups in this order:
  • well-off single young women
  • single elderly women
  • all other women
Beauty, weight, age, intelligence or education play absolutely no role, just the expected profit from this relationship, which consist, as already stated, of physical relations, money and visa.

In the rarest cases, an european woman goes into holidays to Tunisia, to look for a serious love relationship. There are, of course, so-called sex tourists, no questions about it, but since it is not a "love affair", we will here not go any deeper into that.

In virtually all cases, the first step in a relationship is, therefore, made by a tunisian man.

Except in rare cases, where shyness is used as a strategy (just "shy glances", start closer contacts only towards the end of vacation), the usual strategy is to try to talk to as many women as possible in order to find the ones worth an "intensive work".

The preferred victims are women who have a predisposition to be a victim, because a low self-confidence can be noticed, heared and felt if someone is sensible and aware of it.

On top of the list of the relationship caroussel are therefore women, who are divorced, are at an advanced age, are in an unhappy relationship, or have little experience in life. All these women are spotted accurately and will be quickly addressed.

It is a further disadvantage for the women that they are being in an exceptional situation.
Sun, sand and sea, an unusual and adventurous environment, strange voices, smells and sensations and the feeling of holiday atmosphere is confusing the senses and the mind.

Two Worlds

Which well established woman would really seriously consider to start a relationship with the towel dispatcher 20 yours junior her age of a nearby lake resort in her home country?

Which woman, on vacation in her home country, would just give a mobile telephone to the waiter of a hotel because he tells her that he got no money to buy one? Or even invite him into the discotheque and pay for him?

Probably almost none - because here, the exotic and unknown atmosphere is missing, because the woman can assess exactly what is "right and proper" and what is a lie - in short, she knows the social norms and has a very good idea of financial and work conditions.
About all this, however, she is is left in Tunisia completely in the dark.

- In western countries, it is very common, to go out at night with a man to whom one is not married or who is family - in Tunisia, only prositutes do so (yes, and western tourists, but those are often considered having a questionable morale anyway).

- In western countries, no one raises his eyebrows when an unmarried couple spends the night in an hotel or apartment - in Tunisia, again, the only women who do so, are prostitutes (oh, and western women ...).

- In Europe, it is normal that men and women pay separately or alternately for each other when they go out - in Tunisia, people smile about the stupidity of western  women who pay the bill for the man, because there, the man pays always, no ifs and buts.

- If people marry in the West, they live afterwards quite like they did before - in Tunisia, however, it is the duty of the husband to protect his wife, and mentor and monitor her moral life, and, if necessary, correct it (even by force if there is no other way).

- In the West, people often complain about "social coldness" because people here are educated to self-reliance - in Tunisia, one feels like in paradise, because there all the families stick together so well. And that they do - but they also interfere in everything and a woman will find herself under a constant surveillance of family and friends.

- While, in Europe, people always experiencing "stress", the life in Tunisia seems to be always very relaxed. And this is true - when one is a wealthy Westerner.
Because then they do not have to work a 50- and 60-hour week, they even will have some money if they are out of a job, they do not have to show their passport to every second policeman and they do not really have to be careful to not do anything in public that could be considered immoral or unappropriate by any neighbor, family member or acquaintance, and which is being forwarded to others immediately.
The western woman can eat, smoke and drink, what, where and with whom she wants to - and talk, in a relationship or marriage, even by telephone with persons of the opposite sex.

Stress? In Tunisia? But no way...

In short - the European woman has no clue whatsoever what is normally going on in a country, where she stays just a limited time for her vacation, she does not know how people behave and how they think.

Over time she will learn it, of course, usually from her lover, and, of course, exactly what she should learn in his opinion - and that is not necessarily the truth, at least not the whole truth.

Therefore, with the launch of a relationship, the knowledge of the society and even the language have to go hand in hand - and not filtered and shielded by the lover, his friends and family, but realistically and in a dialogue with both sexes in Tunisia - only this way, the woman has the chance to assess realistically the ideas and social background of her partner.

And that is very important, because after the wedding, nothing will be as it was before - then they live together either in Europe or in Tunisia, and in each case, one of them has, even after a long previous relationship, only very little idea of the reality of everyday's life there.

And in most cases, the partners even have no idea about the other, because the premarital temporary meetings in an holiday atmosphere constitute in no way a portion of how it will be when they will live constantly together, every day and night, around the clock.
Once again a reminder: The social background of both of them can not be more different - and the older someone is, the longer one has been socialized into "his/her" society, and the less likely it is that one can adapt to change quickly ... or at all.

The expectation that a Tunisian, as soon as he arrives after the marriage in the West, will behave all of a sudden like a western man, is totally unrealistic - in the same way as an western woman who moved to Tunisia will not fit right away into the society there!

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